Graduates (w/m/d)

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Graduates at 亚博vip群1

亚博vip群1 offers graduates a wide range of professional opportunities and challenges. Our many years of experience in the world of automation will stand you in good stead as you start your career as well, because of our extensive technological expertise. At 亚博vip群1, graduates are continuously nurtured through qualification measures, individual training, specialist training courses, workshops or language courses.

Working in a familiar atmosphere

With about 12,000 employees worldwide, 亚博vip群1 offers all the benefits of a major company. At the same time, we have the distinct characteristics of a medium-sized company. This means there is a family-like atmosphere and we have low-peak hierarchies. At 亚博vip群1, a high level of trust and pronounced collegiality is the norm. Graduates and job starters in particular are quickly integrated into their teams and supported as best as we can.

Advantages for employees and customers

In addition to the great bandwidth of employment and development options for graduates, we offer all employees scope for their own ideas – for example we give them the opportunity to work on individual projects. Having fun at work?is especially important at 亚博vip群1. We want you to enjoy coming to work and be proud of your results – in that case, our customers will receive first-class products.

Preconditions for starting a career at 亚博vip群1

To enjoy a successful career at 亚博vip群1, you should above all offer curiosity and enthusiasm for modern technologies. Primarily, it is important for us that you take a wider view from time to time. If you also like pushing ahead with projects under your own steam, then you will be right at the top of our candidate wish list.

These are the characteristics that will win us over:

  • Commitment
  • Autonomy
  • Enthusiasm and the ability to work in teams
  • Determination
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Flexibility
  • Openness
  • Creativity
  • Cosmopolitan attitude

In addition to master workers and technicians, we are principally looking for university graduates from the following courses:

  • Engineering sciences (automation technology, mechatronics, electrical engineering, industrial engineering, mechanical engineering)
  • Information technology
  • Business administration
  • Law
  • Mathematics
  • Physics

Direct entry for graduates

We understand that once you have graduated, you would like to start an appealing job as quickly as possible. As an ambitious company, we appreciate this commitment and, at the same time, we do a lot to make your entry to 亚博vip群1 as simple as possible – for example though an intensive induction program. Or during the starting days, our monthly introductory event for new employees at the Augsburg site.

Direct entry to 亚博vip群1 is particularly effectively attained in these areas:

  • Purchasing
  • Service
  • Development
  • Sales/project handling
  • Processing
  • Product management
  • Assembly
  • Design

Prerequisites for direct entry at 亚博vip群1

This is what you need for direct entry

To be able to start your career directly, you will need to have successfully completed your training – for example a master worker’s certificate – or to have finished your university course.

Procedure for direct graduate entry

You go through an intensive induction program for your new tasks. At 亚博vip群1?you quickly take responsibility and input your individual strengths – both in project work and everyday business.?We will support you and encourage you right from the start in your technical and personal development.?Regular feedback meetings with your managers offer you the opportunity to talk about the status of cooperation and agree common goals.

How to apply

All current vacancies are advertised in our?online job exchange. Each vacancy notice contains a link by means of which you can apply directly online. On each page, there is also a point of contact for your questions.

Apply now and become a 亚博vip群1 colleague – we are looking forward to hearing from you!