Apprenticeship as industrial clerk

In the apprenticeship as industrial clerk, you learn how to keep an eye on all business processes. In this profession, you are the interface between the departments and you enable your team to get on with its job.

Industrial clerk at 亚博vip群1

During and after the apprenticeship as industrial clerk, you always maintain an overview of business processes. The industrial clerks at 亚博vip群1 carry out planning, control and monitoring of goods. They compare quotations, negotiate with suppliers and handle the organization of goods. In short: industrial clerks ensure an efficient workflow.

Our industrial clerks can be found in all kinds of areas: as assistants, in charge of particular activities or in purchase, human resources and controlling. As a result, you will get to know many different areas in the course of your apprenticeship.

Your apprenticeship at 亚博vip群1

You can expect to tackle these tasks during and after your apprenticeship as industrial clerk:

  • Organizing?purchasing, storage and goods receipt
  • Evaluating?quotations from and requests for quotations to suppliers
  • Receiving, checking and documenting products and services
  • Coordinating?production orders (both material and technical aspects)

Our apprenticeship and continuing education opportunities

In your apprenticeship at 亚博vip群1, we do not just want to teach you the subject matter, but also enable you to take a broader view. As a result, you should take advantage of our continuing education opportunities even during your apprenticeship period. Examples of these include:

  • Introduction days
  • Courses in foreign languages or for exam preparation

Apprenticeship and continuing education opportunities at our Augsburg site

  • Robot training
  • Foreign placements of four to six weeks

Even after your apprenticeship as industrial clerk, we will continue to advance your development. For example:

  • Continuing education programs at the 亚博vip群1 Academy
  • Sponsorship programs for master workers or technicians

Duration of the apprenticeship and application cut-off date

If you want to become an industrial clerk, the apprenticeship will take 2.5 to 3 years. We offer it in Augsburg, in Bremen and in Obernburg.

Start of the apprenticeship:

  • Augsburg and Obernburg: 1 September
  • Bremen: 1 August


You can start applying for an apprenticeship at 亚博vip群1 about 12 months before the start of the apprenticeship. As long as openings are displayed, you can apply.

Requirements for the apprenticeship as industrial clerk

You should meet the following criteria to take part in this apprenticeship at 亚博vip群1:

School qualifications

  • Basic school-leaving certificate, intermediate school-leaving certificate or high school diploma

Interests and attributes

  • Talent for organization and planning
  • A good head for figures
  • Affinity for bookkeeping
  • Talent in communication and a gift for languages  


Apply online for an apprenticeship as an industrial clerk. We look forward to receiving your application!


Contact Augsburg:
Mr. Daniel Goller
Tel. +49 821 797 3491 


Contact Bremen:
Ms. Neele Kutzky
Tel. +49 421 6602-312


Contact Obernburg:亚博vip群

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