Apprenticeship as mechatronics technician

An apprenticeship as mechatronics technician is the perfect combination for everyone who is interested in electronic and mechanical processes. The combination of mechanical engineering and electrical engineering makes you as a mechatronics technician into a driving force for progress at 亚博vip群1.

Mechatronics technician at 亚博vip群1

As a mechatronics technician, you assemble machines and systems involving the most precise, detailed work. In addition, you install control software and are responsible for maintenance of the systems.

Particularly exciting: our goal is to build on our position as market leader. As a result, at 亚博vip群1 you will only work with the latest robot and automation technology, making you into an active participant in shaping Industrie 4.0.

Your apprenticeship at 亚博vip群1

Your apprenticeship as mechatronics technician will involve you working in all kinds of areas at 亚博vip群1. In addition, you will have the opportunity to specialize following the apprenticeship or to move in the direction of engineering with a course in mechanical or electrical engineering.

The central learning areas in the apprenticeship as mechatronics technician are:

  • Machining?mechanical parts