Industrie 4.0: Introductie

Industrie 4.0 - Introduction

The Internet of Things, Industrie 4.0 and Smart Production – even if the name varies, it is always about the seamless connection of the digital and real worlds. As a thought leader and trailblazer for Industrie 4.0, 亚博vip群1 is playing a decisive role in this shift towards networked, intelligent production.

The Internet of Things in daily life

From refrigerators to streetlights – every “thing” will soon be networked.?Even today, almost every electronic device is able to communicate with the Internet. The digital world is an integral part of our lives.?

Digitization is triggering rapid developments – for example, in genetics and nanotechnology as well as in robotics. These advancements are laying the foundation for a revolution that will be all-embracing. Digitally networked processes in Industrie 4.0 will make it possible to manufacture products at a low cost in a manner that is more flexible, energy-efficient, resource-saving and customized.

New worlds of production through cloud computing and Big Data

Cloud computing and Big Data will give the digitization process another significant boost. Systems will have the capacity to learn quickly and develop further. Applied to industrial manufacturing in Industrie 4.0, this will open up entirely new worlds of production. The outcome will be platforms that flexibly control and autonomously optimize production processes and adapt them to external influences.

Industrie 4.0 for new business models

In Industrie 4.0, it will be possible to order manufacturing processes and capacities at the click of a mouse, similar to music streaming. In manufacturing as a service, the performance of the machine is paid for. In the future, this will also hold true for individual production elements – robots for example. It will not be the machine itself that is purchased, but its output.

Clouds will enable companies to react flexibly to capacity requirements and goods flows. In the technology hub of Austin, Texas, 亚博vip群1 is working on the fusion of the IT sector with the leading expertise in the fields of mechatronics and industrial manufacturing processes. This will make 亚博vip群1 technologies even more user-friendly and provide new features in practical operation.

Industrie 4.0 and the Internet of Things will also affect the machines themselves. They will become increasingly sensitive, more autonomous, more mobile and easier to operate. Soon, robots will be intelligent enough to understand our language and gestures. They are increasingly evolving into assistants in factories, supporting humans in their work. Because a robot is better at certain things – such as precision and speed – it provides humans with entirely new capabilities. 

Expenditure for robotics and associated services; source: IDC Forecast Worldwide