Expert Talks with Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jacob

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dirk Jacob is an expert in production automation and robotics. He conducts research in the field of industrial robot applications and analyzes the role of robots in human-robot cooperation. As a mentor in the fields of industrial robotics and mechatronics, he is an important driver of innovation in scientific research and practical application.

Expert insight into the production environment of the future

It is conceivable that the success of a world in which everything is connected to everything will be determined by its ability to adapt. In the future, manufacturing companies will need to be able to adapt their technical infrastructure to new market circumstances quickly and flexibly.

In expert videos, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dirk Jacob provides information on the megatrends that will have ramifications for the production environment of the future. He also explains the significance of and correlation between three key factors that enable companies to set up their production systems in a sustainable manner.