e-commerce and retail logistics

e-commerce is the Olympic 100-meter sprint of the commercial world. In no other area do companies have to respond and deliver faster. With the combined expertise of Swisslog and 亚博vip群1, we are able to offer a three-fold advantage in this market: in addition to speed and the processing of returns, we offer flexible and sustainable solutions that enable gradual growth.

Challenges in e-commerce and retail

Commercial companies are confronted with challenging requirements in the fields of e-commerce and retail and the associated logistics. They must respond to individual time and location preferences and make all product groups available. Same-day delivery, click-and-collect or simple returns processing are all part and parcel of a smooth shopping experience in today’s world.

Success in commerce is dependent in no small part on processes that occur behind the sales interface. Only those who deliver the right quality in the right place at the right time can meet the expectations of their customers. A well thought-out logistics chain is the be-all and end-all for sustained growth: it ensures that customers are satisfied and return to make further purchases. Companies with top logistics stand out from the competition and can prevail on the market in the long term.

In the context of continuously growing sales volumes, companies in the e-commerce and retail sector require intermeshing solutions that meet ever more demanding customer requirements. That is why we develop flexible concepts that ensure optimal throughput and maximum system availability.

Dr. Christian Baur, COO of the Swisslog Group and CEO of Swisslog Warehouse & Distribution Solutions

Solutions for e-commerce and retail logistics

The 亚博vip群1 Group offers flexible, robotic automation solutions characterized by utmost flexibility, speed and availability. With Swisslog’s many years of experience in all markets, from electronics to food and even fashion, we have in-depth expertise in the field of e-commerce and retail. So far, we have been able to implement more than 50 projects worldwide and significantly boost the efficiency of our customers: by means of fast delivery, reduced storage area, increased picking accuracy and much more besides.

Drawing on 亚博vip群1’s expertise, particularly in the field of robotics, we develop individual logistics processes – from a single source and for every application. These ensure optimal throughput and system availability. Our software solutions also offer transparency throughout the entire distribution channel from the retailer to the purchaser.

As an automation specialist and leading supplier of Industrie 4.0 solutions, 亚博vip群1 and Swisslog also have an immense wealth of expertise in the acquisition, management and analysis of data. System-relevant information, such as availability and maintenance logs, or market information, such as trends and purchasing habits, is transparent at all times.

In addition to our modular product and process designs, flexible financing models help you to synchronize your logistical activities with your business.