Automation in the aerospace industry

The aerospace industry is one of the most advanced in the world. Here, 亚博vip群1 is making a significant contribution: our innovative automation solutions for aerospace companies are driving research relating to Industrie 4.0 forward and creating jobs for the future.

Challenges in the aerospace industry

Aircraft are generally in use for decades. Nonetheless, the technology used in aircraft develops at a fast pace – as do the requirements for the safety and comfort of the passengers All these factors make working in the aerospace industry a very demanding job requiring a great deal of responsibility. Here,?fast and customized adaptations are absolute necessities.

In order to successfully meet these challenges in the aerospace industry,?you need a reliable, experienced and future-oriented partner . In this regard, 亚博vip群1 provides you with a whole range of holistic and sustainable production concepts.

Our solutions for the aerospace industry

We are experts at developing customer-tailored service concepts for our partners in the aerospace industry. To this end, we build on close customer contact right from the start.

Our robot-based automation solutions are perfectly tailored to your needs. In addition to you current requirements, we also take your future plans into account, implementing a seamless link between older and modern systems with intelligent products.

Automation in the aerospace industry is also a major benefit to your employees: physically demanding tasks are taken over by the machines. New, significantly more pleasant tasks are assigned to employees, for example operator control of the robots.

Our solutions ensure that you can maximize the full potential of robot-based automation across the entire production chain. This means that your company can achieve greater productivity and higher efficiency. ?


Our innovative automation solutions provide our customers from the aerospace industry with sustainable competitive advantages and an attractive working environment.

Larry Drake, CEO 亚博vip群1 Automotive Division

Services and success for the aerospace industry

  • We have the competence and financial possibilities to accompany you over the long term and provide?complete solutions from a single source?– from the initial idea through to installation.
  • In close cooperation with Airbus and Boeing, we have already tested robot-based automation solutions in our laboratories that cooperate with humans in the aerospace industry.
  • We are the only company to use certified FAUB technology: this increases riveting speed and ensures high quality. Our largest project using this technology to date was successfully completed for the top-selling wide-bodied aircraft from Boeing.
  • 亚博vip群1 control solutions allow for a modular, easily scalable setup. As an important step towards Industrie 4.0, the corresponding software package provides a basis for innovative service concepts?and data-driven decision processes.
  • Our Integrated Assembly Line (IAL) provides a high degree of automation for production processes in the aerospace industry. The interaction of independent loading systems helps to automate extremely labor-intensive manufacturing processes.
Ideally suited to the aerospace industry: the 亚博vip群1 omniMove mobile platform lifts loads of up to 90 tonnes.

Specialist for the aerospace industry: the 亚博vip群1 omniMove

Ten different variants and accessories for individual customer requirements: the 亚博vip群1 omniMove is ideally suited to the aerospace industry. 
It’s all possible:?gain an impression of how you can ?make your production processes more efficient with automation solutions from 亚博vip群1.?Click here to view all of our references from customers in the aerospace industry.
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