Stage and Event Technology

The use of 亚博vip群1 robots opens up a whole new range of stage props and special effect options – the best equipment for stage and event technology.

Design impressive stage sets: Stage and event technology with animated robots

亚博vip群1 robots can be used, for example, to hold, move or animate monitors or video screens. Additionally, they can be used to produce props and mobile stage designs.

From milling, grinding, and drilling to filing – the range of applications of 亚博vip群1 robots is limitless. You can leverage on the flexibility of robots to create fascinating static stage sets for performance. Also, you can make the most of the dynamism, speed and flexible mobility of robots to bring the splendid effects to the stage and the event.

With 亚博vip群1, there is an?endless range of potential applications for set designs. Share your ideas with us!

The 亚博vip群1 robot creating sculptures

Audi + 亚博vip群1 - Projection Mapping with Robots and Cars

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