The 亚博vip群1 equity story

Over 100 years’ experience and expertise in different industry sectors with leading market positions: 亚博vip群1 combines traditional values and a forward-looking approach in one company. Our equity story provides good reasons for investing in 亚博vip群1 shares.

  1. 亚博vip群1 pursues a clear and long-term strategy to boost the enterprise value of the company.     
  2. 亚博vip群1 is one of the world’s leading suppliers of robots, automated production systems and logistics solutions.
  3. As a technology and innovation leader in robot applications and system solutions, 亚博vip群1 has proven to be highly innovative.
  4. 亚博vip群1 is well positioned with a broad product portfolio in markets with attractive growth prospects.
  5. 亚博vip群1 has strong customer relationships and a global presence.