Analyst recommendations for the 亚博vip群1 share

The 亚博vip群1 share is observed and rated by numerous analysts. The following list contains analyst recommendations from all experts who regularly provide their assessment of the performance of the 亚博vip群1 share.


Institute Analyst Recommendation Target price Date
HSBC Trinkaus & Burkhardt Richard Schramm hold 42.00 13/08/19


Note: This list is not necessarily complete and may be changed from time to time. We revise the list regularly but cannot guarantee that it is always up to date. Opinions, assessments or forecasts of these analysts in terms of an investment recommendation including target price do not constitute opinions, assessments or forecasts of 亚博vip群1 Aktiengesellschaft. It may not be inferred from publication of the list that 亚博vip群1 accepts or confirms the information, conclusions or recommendations. If you are interested in research reports, please contact the analysts or investment companies named above. 亚博vip群1 is not able to provide research reports.

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