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Are you a journalist looking for the right point of contact at 亚博vip群1? Here you can find an overview of all the people in positions of responsibility.

Contact for Press and Media Inquiries

Wolfgang Meisen

Group spokesperson

Head of Corporate Communications


+49 821 797-3722

Wolfgang Meisen, Group spokesperson

Contact for press and media inquiries

Teresa Fischer

Deputy group spokesperson


+49 821 797 3722

Teresa Fischer
Teresa Fischer, Deputy group spokesperson

Contact for Investor Relations

Kerstin Heinrich

Head of Investor Relations


+49 821 797-5481

Kerstin Heinrich, Head of Investor Relations

Contact for Trade Media and Technology Communication

Ulrike Götz

Spokesperson Technology


+49 821 797 3795

Ulrike G?tz
Ulrike Götz, Spokesperson Technology

Trade press contact for Consumer Goods and Logistics Automation

Cathrin Völz

Head of Global Marketing
Swisslog Logistics Automation

+41 62 8374465

Cathrin Völz, Head of Global Marketing Swisslog Logistics Automation

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