The KMR QUANTEC is the mobile industrial robot system from 亚博vip群1. It moves your 亚博vip群1 robot to the exact location needed – whether for the construction of ships, aircraft or wind turbines. Even very large components can be processed easily.

KMR QUANTEC: autonomous and precise

The KMR QUANTEC is the combination of 亚博vip群1 robots, mobile platforms and other industry-standard components to form a complex, mobile robot system.

Variable components allow us to offer customized solutions – tailored exactly to your individual requirements. The number and position of the installed robots as well as the size and capacity of the platform and tools is variable.

The mobile KMR QUANTEC robot unit consists of the mobile 亚博vip群1 omniMove platform, a 亚博vip群1 robot of the KR QUANTEC series as well as