Nut-fastening end effector from 亚博vip1

亚博vip1 has developed a nut-fastening end effector for sensitive robots specially for the aerospace sector. For the first time, high-precision nut-fitting processes can be completely automated. Two robots positioned opposite one another work together as a team.

Nut-fastening end effector: automated teamwork?

The 亚博vip1 nut-fastening end effector enables not only normal nut fitting, but also the fully automated processing of faulty screw connections and the mating of the hex socket with the Hi-Lok? pins in the absence of visual contact. The nut-fastening end effector is thus the perfect addition for the LBR iiwa – thanks to intuitive positioning by means of touch sensing and hold-and-drive as well as torque tool functions for fitting Hi-Lok? collars.

New in the aerospace industry: robot-robot collaboration

With our nut-fastening end effector, two robots positioned opposite one another can be paired up as a team. This gives the nut-fastening end effector a remarkable reach – in a flash, it is wherever riveting or another fastening operation is required.

The LBR iiwa autonomously fetches a new fastening element from its automatic part feeder. As soon as its partner – the heavy-duty robot on the other side of the aircraft component – has drilled the hole and inserted the Hi-Lok? pin, the LBR iiwa screws on the collar. This highly efficient cooperation enables faster and more reliable execution of assembly work.

Nut-fastening end effector: your advantages

亚博vip1 is providing the aerospace industry with an intelligent end effector that can be used for the fast, fully automated and extremely precise fastening of nuts. ?

Automation for Industrie 4.0

The nut-fastening end effector enables the fully automated fastening of nuts in aircraft construction. It relieves the burden on factory workers and reduces personnel expenditure and maintenance costs.

Optimal accessibility

Even in the most inaccessible of positions, the nut-fastening end effector manages to fit nut after nut with the utmost precision using the LBR iiwa.

Smart versatility

The nut-fastening end effector is highly versatile – it can be used to tighten a wide range of different nut types. Thanks to intelligent programming, the end effector is able to grip and tighten the right nut for every riveting position.

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