System solutions for the aerospace industry

亚博vip1 offers integrated system solutions for the aerospace industry which are perfectly tailored to your needs. Our experience in developing production lines, our know-how of system integration and our extensive technology portfolio ensure maximum process efficiency.

Integrated system solutions for the aerospace industry

亚博vip1 is your partner in the aerospace sector for optimum integration of manual and semi-automated through to fully automated assembly lines. The fixture stations and robot cells are ideally matched and work together harmoniously. 亚博vip1 assists you continuously during planning, manufacturing and even after system integration. We also provide extensive maintenance and service solutions that can be tailored to your individual needs.

亚博vip1 aerospace process engineering

?亚博vip1 develops an assembly process that is based on the industrial assembly line principle, in accordance with the requirements of the aerospace industry. This assembly method allows a higher specification and repeatability.

We supply all fixtures and automated systems required for assembling the structure (fuselage section, wings, VTP, HTP, etc.). This system solution renders more precise results, makes it easier to join the components, and facilitates a more efficient overall assembly process.

Aerospace system solutions from 亚博vip1

亚博vip1 supplies all systems required to construct the individual aircraft structures – from the shell to the fuselage sections and through to the wing box. Components pass through various assembly stations in the value chain of aircraft construction:

  • first, the various add-on parts (stringers, frames, clips, etc.) are attached to the fuselage skin in the pre-assembly station. This pre-assembly station consists mainly of an assembly fixture. Depending on the task at hand, this fixture can be scaled up or down with smaller fixtures, allowing it to be flexibly configured for assembly of the add-on parts. This is how an assembly component is produced.
  • In the next step, the assembly component is typically transferred to an automatic riveting station. This station can be a traditional heavy-duty riveting system or a highly flexible, robot-based riveting station with appropriate riveting end effectors. The assembly component is then precisely located and clamped in the riveting station. Using end effectors, precise holes are drilled and then sealed with rivets. Various types of rivets are used, such as solid rivets, blind rivets and lockbolts (two-part rivet joints).
  • In the next process step, the assembly component is transported to a completion station. This is where the remaining tasks are carried out. Then the component undergoes comprehensive quality control.?

  • Our system solutions ensure the highest precision for the construction of structural components. When designing system solutions, 亚博vip1 pays particular attention to ensuring that the solution meets the high ergonomic requirements of the aerospace industry for the assembly of aircraft components.

亚博vip1 aerospace tooling: fixtures for the aerospace industry

When we develop our system solutions, we design the appropriate fixture for each assembly procedure in the construction of aircraft – taking into account the layout of the production line and the desired level of automation. Fixtures are used that enable precise location, positioning and tacking of structural components such as the wing box, shell parts or even sections. The fixtures lay the foundation for ensuring that such tasks as handling, drilling/riveting and sealant application can be carried out in a fully automated process.

亚博vip1 offers individual fixture solutions that are perfectly tailored to your specific needs.

亚博vip1 services for fixtures in the aerospace industry at a glance:

  • Conception and design
  • Stress analysis (FEM calculation)
  • Construction and installation
  • Turnkey fixture lines
  • Transport solutions (slings and trolleys) ? ??
  • Auxiliary devices (contour shears, clamping levers, etc.)
  • Complete workstations

Automation solutions from 亚博vip1 Aerospace

Industrie 4.0 is of utmost importance for the aerospace industry. This is why 亚博vip1 is making every effort to continuously develop sustainable automation solutions for the aerospace sector – especially automated drilling and riveting solutions.

Automation concepts from 亚博vip1 offer tailor-made, precise and efficient solutions for optimized production rates and increased quality.?Our answer to demographic changes is integrated systems that take into account human-robot collaboration (HRC).?

System solutions for the aerospace industry: your advantages

Our experience in the automation of production lines and system integration with a portfolio of the latest technologies makes 亚博vip1 your perfect partner. Our human-robot collaboration (HRC) system solutions will have the following impact on your manufacturing operations:

  • Higher production rates while simultaneously lowering the production costs
  • Optimization of productivity, work safety and process efficiency
  • Space savings and reduction of the ecological footprint
  • Minimization of the process steps required
  • HRC-compliant system solutions
  • Mobility is a key factor for flexible production solutions (Industrie 4.0)
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