Hemming systems

亚博vip群1 has been installing product- and process-oriented hemming systems since 2001: depending on the cycle time requirements and workpiece size, we select either roller hemming or tabletop hemming or a mixed form comprising both processes. Our hemming solutions will enable you to produce more cost-effectively in the future.

亚博vip群1 customers can select from a broad portfolio of hemming systems: from low-volume prototype construction to high-volume series manufacturing. You enjoy particular flexibility with the robotic roller hemming solutions. Tabletop hemming, on the other hand, is characterized by particularly short process times. Perhaps the hybrid mixed form of both is just the right solution. We will help you to choose the process best suited to your purposes.

Robotic roller hemming: a flexible 4.0 solution

Flexible production solutions have an important role to play in Industrie 4.0. In a volatile market situation dominated by ever broader product ranges and shorter life cycles, smart production is a decisive competitive factor. With our robotic roller hemming solutions it is possible to process different components and achieve optimal capacity utilization: additional tasks, such as welding or gripping, can be assigned to the robot.

  • High Output Quality Hemming (HOQ): The HOQ hemming head enables controlled robotic hemming with hemming indicator.
  • HOQ-S (Sunroof): The robot-guided hemming system on the sunroof enables you to achieve a short process time.
  • HOQ-F (Flanging): The HOQ-F solution enables you to hem flange angles of greater than 105 degrees in a controlled manner. Additional pre-hemming stations are not required.
  • Soft Touch Wheelarch Hemming (STW): We use STW Hemming in the automotive industry for the gentle hemming of wheelarches with a mobile understeel. In this way, multiple models can be manufactured in a single station.
Hemming roller is closely synchronized with the robot motion: the High Output Quality Hemming head significantly reduces the process time.

Tabletop hemming: large batch size with short cycle time?

Tabletop hemming stands out due to its short process time. This hemming process is particularly suitable in the case of high-volume models with large batch sizes. Using standardized hemming modules, the machine can be adapted qui