With the KR IONTEC, you are opting for a highly flexible robot with the best work envelope in its class and a flexible mounting position for a wide range of applications in the 30 to 70-kilogram payload range.

KR IONTEC: a robot for a wide variety of applications in the medium payload category

Whether on the floor, on the wall or inclined, the KR IONTEC combines compact design with the largest working envelope in its class for optimal use of space with a small footprint.?Equipped with a waterproof and dustproof in-line wrist and protected motors, the robot is suitable for almost every area of application. A Foundry option also enables use in extremely hot environments with an expanded temperature range from 0° to 55°C.

An investment in the future of your production: highest output with a low total cost of ownership (TCO) and high life cycle efficiency

Low investment costs for a unique variety of applications – the KR IONTEC convinces in the classical as well as the digital worlds of production through top performance.

  • Sustainably cost-efficient

    With low energy consumption, low operating costs and low maintenance, the KR IONTEC significantly reduces your costs.
  • Maximum flexibility 

    Thanks to its flexible installation position and convertible payload capacity, the KR IONTEC is suitable for various applications and can be adapted to specific requirements.
  • Maximum availability

    The KR IONTEC has a technical availability of 99.999% with a mean time between failures of 400,000 hours.