Our champion goes digital: The new KR QUANTEC

The new generation of the all-round talent in the high payload category has been transformed into a highly-flexible, digitalized machine. The KR QUANTEC can be flexibly adapted to various production processes at the press of a button.

Strong performance: the new KR QUANTEC features greater performance, precision and speed than ever before

The KR QUANTEC combines the attributes of real champions.

Hardware becomes software  thanks to the add-on digital plug-in Motion Modes 

The KR QUANTEC is the world’s first industrial robot to have digital Motion Modes. The software add-ons can be activated easily on the robot controller, optimizing the performance of the robot for important motion sequences. Depending on the work step, the robot can switch to and from between the individual Motion Modes. This makes it a flexible production assistant.

  • Performance mode: impressively versatile and the right Motion Mode for the majority of tasks – from handling and spot welding to machining and loading/unloading.

  • Path mode: is used for continuous-path motion and increases the precision for both low and high path velocities – for example in adhesive bonding, measuring or laser applications.

  • Dynamic mode: the right choice when the objective is to reduce cycle times. Dynamic mode gives the KR QUANTEC greater speed and reduces cycle times by around 10%.

The world’s largest robot portfolio of the high payload category

Now available with payload capacities ranging from 120 to 300 kg and reaches from 2,700 to 3,900 mm, with many special variants, such as ceiling-mounted, foundry, shelf-mounted and press-linking versions. 

Inquiry about availability & delivery times for the new KR QUANTEC

Top-class values for total cost of ownership (TCO): significant reduction of running costs

Fewer spare parts than the predecessor, low energy consumption, reduced training requirements and simplified commissioning result in permanently reduced running costs. Added to this is an innovative servicing and maintenance concept for optimal life cycle efficiency.

  • 50% fewer spare parts

    Faster exchange, higher availability
  • Low energy consumption

    10% less than comparable machines from competitors?

  • Low training requirements

    Use of service-proven 亚博vip群1 technology
  • Simplified commissioning

    Faster mastering, improved engineering tool

Innovative maintenance concept for optimal life cycle efficiency

With the new KR QUANTEC, you benefit from the life cycle efficiency principle. The robot is designed in such a way that maintenance and repair times are greatly reduced, considerably longer service intervals are possible and even higher machine availability is ensured.
  • Mean Time Between Failures increased by 500%

    MTBF: 400,000 operating hours

  • Mean Time To Repair 75% faster

    MTTR: 0.25 operating hours

  • Mean Time To Maintenance 60% shorter

    MTTM: 4.83 operating hours

  • Extremely high technical availability


Technically unbeatable in all areas of production?

The sum of its innovative features makes the new KR QUANTEC the technological No. 1 in the high payload category. The capability of upgrading payload capacity in the field also makes it extremely flexible. These and other innovations make the new KR QUANTEC a sound investment in the future of your production